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Standalone Chatbots For IT Operations, Q2 2019

Find out why Forrester named IPsoft as a Leader

The Forrester New Wave - IPsoftIn its recent New Wave report, Forrester says IPsoft “leads the pack with robust IT operations chatbot features.” The research reviews “the eight most significant providers in the category” and scores vendors against 10 criteria, including chatbot readiness, automation, architecture and integrations, and deployment and security. According to Forrester, IPsoft received a “differentiated” rating in all 10 categories — the highest rating possible for each criteria. IPsoft is the only vendor to receive this rating in each of the 10 categories.

The Forrester New Wave is designed to help infrastructure and operations professionals select the right partner for their IT ops virtual agent requirements. The firm says “IPsoft’s Amelia leads the market in IT operations readiness,” and also recognizes IPsoft for its more complex chatbot and automation features, “such as creating workflows for more-sophisticated help desk interactions.”

Forrester concludes: “IPsoft provides an ideal solution for those looking for advanced functionalities.”

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