Amelia for Telecommunications

Telcos around the world are under constant pressure to provide high-quality services to millions of customers,  especially as we step into the 5G era. Poor customer service contributes to higher customer churn among telco providers — and they must do everything they can to prevent it. 

Hire Amelia®, the market-leading conversational AI agent,  as your Digital Employee for Telecommunications to improve customer care operations, and to build and maintain long-term consumer relationships.

Superior Customer Care with Digital Employees™

Amelia Resume Telco Customer Care Agent

Proven Expertise Across the Telecommunications Industry

Leading global telcos have hired Amelia to elevate their customer service operations and scale with spiking call volumes. She has years of telco experience working alongside human colleagues to provide best-in-class user experiences.

  • More than a chatbot: Amelia completes telco customer care tasks on her own
  • Pre-trained to handle multiple tasks, no matter the volume
  • Expert at commonly asked questions in telco call centers, such as contract duration, penalties, balance inquiries and more
  • Trained to triage problems with internet, voice, SMS or other connectivity issues
  • Simplifies transactions related to service cancellations, SIM card changes, and changes to mobile plans 
  • Escalates issues to human agents only when necessary
  • Available 24/7 on multiple channels: voice, text, chat, phone, etc.
  • Handles multiple subjects like a human agent, using terms users can easily understand
  • Securely integrates with major platforms and back-end systems such as Salesforce and Genesys



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