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Why 1Bank?

Modern consumers expect on-demand access to goods and services – this is particularly true when it comes to personal finances. 1Bank is a comprehensive conversational AI solution powered by Amelia, our industry-leading virtual agent (recently named highest-rated virtual agent by Everest Group) specifically tailored to the consumer banking space.

With 1Bank, customers engage with their bank through the medium most natural to them: conversation. Unlike other solutions, 1Bank will not only answer FAQs, but independently resolves complex customer needs. 1Bank’s advanced intelligence is the result of 20 years of IPsoft research and AI leadership and will transform the way your customers manage their finances.

Automate, improve, and optimize customer service with 1Bank.

  • Reduced overhead expenditures. 1Bank easily automates low-level, high-volume customer engagements at scale, which empowers banks to re-invest funds into other parts of the business.

  • Reduced MTTR for common issues. With 1Bank, a customer’s needs are identified and addressed at machine speed.

  • Improved customer experience. 1Bank provides customers with on-demand access to information and resolutions while freeing experienced staff to address complex or unique customer needs.

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Download the report on AI-Enabled Banking

Artificial Intelligence and cognitive computing empower enterprises to automate and optimize user engagements at scale. Within the retail banking sector, intelligent solutions provide customers with a powerful new features, while opening the door to unprecedented growth.

This report examines current and future applications of these solutions and provides tangible insights into how enterprises can begin their AI journey.


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