Amelia for Insurance

Insurance providers, facing higher volumes of activity through digital channels, must  invest in technologies that provide best-in-class user experiences and scale to meet demand. Customers today want fast and guided interactions when dealing with insurance issues that directly impact their livelihoods.

Hire Amelia®, the market-leading conversational AI agent, as your Digital Employee for Insurance to augment your workforce and deliver superior customer experiences.

Deliver Scalable Insurance Services with Digital Employees

Amelia Resume Insurance Agent

Proven Insurance Industry Expertise

Major insurance providers with millions of policyholders rely on Amelia for customer service. She has years of experience in home, auto and life insurance, working alongside human agents to create personalized user experiences, and greater customer loyalty.

  • More than a chatbot: Amelia completes insurance tasks end-to-end
  • Pre-trained to handle multiple insurance tasks, regardless of volume
  • Expert in policies, billing, claims and more
  • Assists customers with researching policy rates, obtaining pre-approvals and making payments
  • Maintains industry compliance by updating skills with the latest insurance regulatory requirements
  • Escalates issues to human insurance or customer service agents only when necessary
  • Available 24/7 on multiple channels: voice, text, chat, phone, etc.
  • Works like a human insurance agent, handling multiple subjects using terms users can easily understand=
  • Securely integrates with major insurance platforms and back-end systems

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