Amelia for HR Services 

Deliver On-Demand HR Services with Digital Employees

Companies, many with limited HR budgets and staff, struggle to deal with high volumes of daily HR requests. Those with large remote workforces are not equipped to provide HR services that might normally be delivered in-office. These challenges can drag on overall productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Hire Amelia®, the market-leading conversational AI agent,  as your Digital Employee for HR Services for scalable and personalized HR Services.  


See How Amelia Can Help

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Proven Expertise Across Industries

Leading global brands depend on Amelia for digital HR Services that are always available, no matter where employees are located.  She has years of experience working alongside human colleagues to enhance HR Services, creating better experiences for everyone. 

  • More than a chatbot: Amelia completes HR tasks on her own
  • Pre-trained to handle HR Services, even at high volumes
  • Handles common HR requests such as PTO, holidays, benefits and more 
  • Guides and automates employees through onboarding , updating personal information, and expenses and procurement processes
  • Escalates issues to human HR staff only when necessary
  • Available 24/7 on multiple channels: voice, text, chat, phone, etc.
  • Works like a human HR representative, handling multiple subjects at once using terms employees can easily understand
  • Securely integrates with back-end HR systems such as Workday

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