Amelia for Healthcare

Healthcare providers, regardless of size or region, are all pursuing similar goals — to control costs, improve patient satisfaction and deliver positive patient outcomes. These goals are challenging to reach, given sometimes severe financial pressures and shortages of qualified staff.

Amelia®, working with her human colleagues, can enable many preventative and administrative functions through conversation and automation, making healthcare ecosystems more efficient and allowing providers to focus on patient care.

Deliver Enhanced Healthcare Services with Digital Employees  

Amelia Resume Healthcare Screener and Administrative Assistant

Proven Expertise for Better Experiences

Leading global brands depend on Amelia to deliver services and scale contact center operations, regardless of volume. She has years of experience working in a variety of industries that can be applied to healthcare use cases.

  • More than a chatbot: Amelia completes tasks on her own
  • Pre-trained to handle multiple tasks at once, even at high volumes
  • Acts as conversational agent for patient comfort and care 
  • Books, reschedules or cancels patient appointments with providers
  • Provides patient screenings for chronic conditions such as diabetes
  • Works alongside healthcare call center agents to take on rote tasks, so providers focus on patient care plans
  • Escalates issues to human employees when necessary
  • Available 24/7 on multiple channels: voice, text, chat, phone, etc.
  • Securely integrates with back-end systems


Click below to interact with Amelia as a COVID-19 Screener
Access Amelia COVID-19 Assistant

IPsoft Healthcare Lead Dr. Vincent Grasso demonstrates Amelia, IPsoft’s AI-powered Digital Employee, and how she can assist medical providers.  

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