Amelia Enables AI-Powered Healthcare

As the market-leading digital colleague, Amelia can provide critical healthcare information and services for patients, providers and caregivers. With her Natural Language Interface, and her ability to quickly automate and execute tasks, Amelia delivers enhanced experiences for stakeholders throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

With our 20 years of experience in AI, we’ve built Amelia to take on a variety of healthcare roles to keep up with patients’ growing expectations and provider needs. In particular, Amelia is perfectly suited to handle appointment scheduling so patients can arrange for routine and critical medical services via voice or chat. By managing appointments with her AI capabilities, Amelia ensures patients get the services they need, while doctors and staff can focus on patient care.

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Appointment Management

Patients are often frustrated when trying to schedule appointments and tests, especially in situations that require immediate or urgent care, or when appointments need rescheduling. Doctors and provider staff, meanwhile, spend too much time on appointment management, which detracts from their ability to effectively serve patients. Amelia helps patients and providers connect quickly and efficiently by improving the appointment scheduling process end-to-end.

After-hours scheduling

As an always-on digital health agent, Amelia can schedule appointments whenever needed, even after hours when a patient’s doctor’s office is closed. If a patient’s primary care physician is booked, Amelia can make recommendations and appointments for alternative providers.

Multiple appointment scheduling

Amelia can handle multiple patient requests at once. Scheduling a blood test and an office visit usually requires multiple phone calls to separate facilities. Patients can use Amelia to arrange and confirm both appointments in a singular interaction.

Augmenting provider staff

Front-office hospital workers spend hours on the phone dealing with new bookings, appointment changes, cancellations and scheduling questions. With Amelia handling those duties as a digital colleague, employees can spend more time making sure visiting patients’ needs are being met.


For Appointment Scheduling

Amelia gives patients peace of mind. By streamlining and simplifying the appointment scheduling process, she helps patients feel more connected to their doctors and care-givers, and providers can deliver high-quality services more quickly.

How much more interesting would it be if [patients] could call Amelia and have a dialog and have a conversation about their health? Again, [patients could access Amelia] 24/7 and have that information passed to the anesthesiologist. Then there's the part of the post-procedure. Pain management, outcome management. Have Amelia 24/7 talk to our patients about pain management or their outcomes. Get that information to the right practitioner and at the right time. There are so many things we can do.

    — Russ Esposito, the Chief Information Officer of the North American Partners in Anesthesia (NAPA)

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