Amelia for Customer Care 

Decrease Costs. Increase Customer Satisfaction. Provide On-Demand Service.

Contact centers and digital customer services are experiencing massive spikes in volumes, and they're struggling to keep up. When businesses deploy a conversational AI agent like Amelia, more than two-thirds realize measurable benefits, including reduced wait times and a 20% increase in first-call resolution.

Telefónica hired Amelia to replace its contact centers’ automated voice systems in Peru:

  • Amelia handles 4.5 million calls each month, and 100% of all mobile traffic.

  • She resolves almost 20% of calls without any human assistance.

  • She helped decrease customer abandonment rates by 44%.


Watch this video to learn more.

Telefonica + Amelia Story from IPsoft on Vimeo.


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Telefónica used Amelia to handle 32% of calls without human support. See what she can do for your organization!