Amelia for Banking

Banks must provide a range of services through digital channels, and today the need for those services has never been greater. Financial institutions are dealing with skyrocketing customer service volumes to provide information on everything from branch locations to credit card payments. However, many find themselves unprepared, putting them at a competitive disadvantage. 

Hire Amelia®, the market-leading conversational AI agent,  as your Digital Employee for Banking to keep up with the increasing demand for digital banking services. 

Provide On-Demand Banking Services with Digital Employees 

Amelia for Banking

Proven Expertise Across the Banking Industry

Leading global banks, retail banks and financial institutions utilize Amelia to elevate their customer service and scale with demand.  She has years of digital banking experience, working alongside human colleagues for best-in-class user experiences.

  • More than a chatbot: Amelia completes banking tasks on her own
  • Pre-trained to handle multiple banking tasks, even at high volumes
  • Expert at credit card issues, such as new cards, charge disputes, rewards balances and more
  • Handles digital banking accounts to provide statements and balances, and process transactions
  • Simplifies mortgage processes to help customers research interest rates, submit pre-approval applications and make policy payments
  • Escalates issues to human banking personnel only when necessary
  • Available 24/7 on multiple channels: voice, text, chat, phone, etc.
  • Works like a human banking representative, handling multiple subjects using banking terms users can easily understand
  • Securely integrates with major banking platforms and back-end systems



Amelia can provide a seamless end-to-end digital banking experience for your customers. 

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