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Automation + Conversational AI

An Unbeatable Team for Scalable Call Centers

Thursday, July 16th at 10am EST

A webinar hosted by IPsoft and Everest Group

Enterprises are rethinking what customer service means, what forms it should take, and how it can be more effectively delivered in a scalable and cost-efficient way. And it’s never been more important to get customer service right then during this unprecedented time of disruption.

Companies increasingly are turning to conversational AI agents to augment customer care and deliver more personalized experiences. So what happens when companies leverage enterprise automation and conversational AI together?

Join us for the latest installment of a multi-part webinar series with Everest Group to learn how Unisys built scalable and human experiences for InteliServe, the provider’s workplace services offering, by utilizing these two technologies. You'll also see how the offering continues to deliver successful results during the global pandemic.

Presenters include:

  • Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO at Everest
  • Mickey Davis, Global Vice President, Digital Workplace Services, Unisys              
  • Jonathan Crane, Chief Commercial Officer at IPsoft

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