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Learn How To Build Conversational RPA

We’ve designed 1RPA so all business users – whether a RPA expert or a novice with little-to-no scripting experience – can interact with Amelia and build intelligent automations across an enterprise. Watch these videos to see how.

(Please note: These tutorials are intended for a general audience interested in learning the basic functionality of 1RPA.)

Video 1
How to Create a Task

In this video, we provide an introduction to creating tasks with the 1RPA solution with a demonstration on how to record, edit and build an automation for an internal HR time-off request. 

1RPA Creating a Task Master_1203-1

Video 2
How to Create a Bot

In this video, we present an automation of a HR time-off process, how you can create a 1RPA bot to run it, and watch the bot perform the automated process in a real-live environment.

1RPA Creating a Bot Master_1203-1

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